Refund Policy for Ecuzen Software

Once a User decides to take advantage of any subscription plan or offer made available by Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. and consents to purchase the deal by making the required payment, the User's payment will not be reimbursed by the entitled in any way. Please be aware that, in accordance with the applicable law, Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. purchase of a plan is final.

Following the completion of the KYC verification process and the acceptance of payment from the user for any of the aforementioned plans, Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. will generate a user ID for the user on their site or mobile application.

What happens if the user is unable to complete the KYC successfully? It shall not be possible for Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. to permit the use of the services specified for that specific subscription plan. If the KYC verification process is unsuccessful, the user will not be returned any of their current balance. Therefore, in order to utilize Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd.'s services through its website or mobile app, the user must first successfully complete a KYC verification.

Following the creation of a user ID, transactions made on the Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. mobile app or website that fail for any reason and are directly attributable to the company, as confirmed by the payment gateway, will automatically be refunded* to the user's bank account within 5–15 working days of the transaction date. Along with the refund, a confirmation email will be delivered to the user's registered email address. Customers can contact the provided website number if they have any questions or concerns about any services.

If you need to cancel your order after it has been processed for fulfillment, a processing fee will be applied. This fee helps cover administrative costs associated with order processing. The company will not reimburse the payment .

if you decide later on not to proceed with the purchase after the order has been fulfilled according to the customer terms and conditions.

Please be aware that any applicable taxes and payment gateway fees will not be reimbursed; only the actual transaction amount will be.

On the other hand, if the user has gotten a confirmation of successful completion but has not yet received services, they can file a complaint using the email address provided on this page. Upon getting criticism from any of our users, Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. promptly inquires about the issue. In a severe situation, Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. might return the money after deducting the appropriate fees for expert services, depending on the investigation.

The maximum amount of responsibility that Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. will accept for any given transaction is the amount of money that the company received in matching payment from the user. If assistance on our system is unsuccessful, the company will not be held liable for any further claims or resulting liabilities.

By using this refund policy, the user agrees that Ecuzen Software Pvt. Ltd. and the user, business partner, retailer, distributor, master distributor, and stated head are bound by all of the terms and conditions included in the agreement.

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